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God's Man sent in God's perfect time - Bro. Robert Tarrence has stepped up to God's call to come to Glendale and is a blessing to everyone. He truly has a "pastor's heart" and it  shows as he serves and cares for the people.

Bro. Robert displays a Holy zeal to see Glendale Baptist Church be, a people where folks can be loved, a place to find refuge from evil, and an atmosphere where Christians can discover purpose in life - God's purpose for their life. Bro. Robert's God-given vision is for  Glendale to be the ministering Church - reaching out to the weary, the needy, and the lost - to be the Church Glendale has been in the early decades as led by Bro. Richard Oldham, who was our dear Pastor for 57 years. 

Bro. Robert Tarrence has been Pastoring in Kentucky for over 30 years. He has a wonderful wife, Marisa and three children, LeAnne, Adam and Andrew. He also is a proud grandfather of four grandchildren.